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Local Phone Numbers - DID's

What is a DID? 
DID - Direct Inward Dial Number 
So why should you get a DID for your VoIP service? 
Without a DID you will not be able to receive calls to your VoIP service unless they are a Nettalk customer. Your service will be allocated an Internal Service Number(ISN). 
With a DID anybody can call you.  
- Get a real phone number or a few numbers for your friends to call you on from any number.  
- Keep the same PSTN number for your VoIP service anywhere you go.  
- Keep the same PSTN number when changing VoIP provider. 
- Port your existing PSTN number to Nettalk  
Keep your existing phone number! Porting your telephone number to Nettalk will allow you to make and receive calls via your existing telephone number. Once ported, your telephone number will be redirected to our network. 
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